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The Supreme Head Of  The Universal Syrian Orthodox Church

H.H. Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem II

The 123rd successor to St. Peter in the Apostolic See of Antioch,when he was enthroned as patriarch in Damascus on May 29, 2014. Before his election to the patriarchate, he was Archbishop for the Eastern United States of America, and known as Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim in that post. In that role, he established 11 new parishes, introduced a number of new programs for the youth, and worked for inter-church unity. He is one of the very few primates of the Syrian Church who have been in the Patriarchal office for an entire quarter of a century. As a true Shepherd, His Holiness has led the Holy Church to greater glories in these years of his Patriarchal See.

Catholicose Of The East

H.B Baselios Thomas I Catholicose

The spiritual head of the Syrian Christians of India, was born in the Cheruvillil family of Vadayambadi, Puthenkuriz on 22nd July 1929. Though he belonged to an aristocratic family, by the time he was born the family had seen bad days. As a child he had frequent bouts of illness which affected his education. His mother used to take the young boy frequently to the nearby Malecuriz Dayro where the relics of late Patriarch St. Ignatius Elias III and Saint Gregorios Geevarghese (Parumala Thirumeni) had been interred. One night, as his mother prayed with the young boy on her lap, she had a vision which prompted her to dedicate the boy to the service of the church.


Our Diocese Metropolitian

H.G Yuhanon Mor Militious 

HG Mor Militos Yuhanon was born on April 25, 1957 to Very Rev.E.O.Thomas Cor-Episcopus and Thankamma in Elavinamannil family,Omallur, H. G. was ordained deacon by H. B. Catholicose Mor Baselios Paulose II.H. B. ordained Dn. E. T. John, Elavinamannil as Kassiso on December 5, 1982.In 2000, Malankara Episcopal Synod selected Fr. E. T. John as the new metropolitan for Kollam and Thumpamon Dioceses. H. H. Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas ordained him as Ramban and on December 8, 2002, H. H. consecrated Very Rev. Yuhanon Ramban as metropolitan by the name Mor Militos at Patriarchal Cathedral, Damascus.

Our Vicar

Rev.Fr.Roy Chacko