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      Christians first came to Vazhamuttom from Kuruvilangadu. They were members of Kuruvilangadu church. Later they became members of Thumpamon and Omallur churches. At last a church  was  constructed  at Vazhamuttom. In the initial period, a palm tached chappal was built in  the name of  Mar Bahanan Sahada in 1892.  Most  Rev  Kuriakos Corepiscopa was the first vicar of this chapel. ( Now reconstructed and renamed as “Mar Bahanan Orthodox Valiya Palli” of Metran Kakshi)
In 1895 (Dhanu 10th Malayalam Era), HG Mor Gregorious (Parumala Kochu Thirumeni) laid the foundation stone for the new church. This was the golden period of Vazhamuttom Syrian Church. In 1912, the then malankara metropolitan, Vattasseril Thirumeni was deposed by the Patriarch.

Mar Bahanan Syrian Church, Later renamed as Mar Bahanan Orthodox Church and now reconstructed and renamed as Mar Bahanan Orthodox Valiya Palli
And this was the beginning of decades long (still continuing) church disputes in Malankara. This made a split among the Syrian church and as  a result Vazhamuttom Mar Bahanan Syrian Church was also divided into Bavakakshi and Metrankakshi. The malpan achan (then vicar of Mar Bahanan Syrian Church) died in 1925. The metrankakshi got a stay order from the court against the appointment of new priest at Vazhamuttom Mar bahanan Syrian Church. The church was under lock and guard and was under the ownership and control of the Syrian Christians (Bavakakshi). The metrankakshi (now called as Indian Orthodox fraction) set fire to the church and broke opened. At last with the intervention of the court, both fractions were allowed to pray on alternate Sundays.
In the mean while few families from Vazhamuttom east built a new church in East Vazhamuttom (Mor Ignatious Jacobite Church). The case and fight continues till 1958. The Kerala high court judgement in favour of Bavakakshi in 1956 was questioned by the metrankakshi in Supreme Court. In 1958, Supreme Court declared that both fractions has right on the church properties.

In 1958 both fractions agreed to unite. As per the agreement, the ownership and properties of the church (Including 1 Acer 27 ½ cents of land bought by the bavakakshi in 1956) were also transferred to the bishop. With this, all properties of the bavakakshi went into the hands of the metrankakshi. The breach of trust by the metrankakshi (the so called “ORTHDOX” fraction) resulted in huge loss to the Syrian Christians. So many churches were lost during this period as a result of the well planned move by the metrankakshi.

The agreement to unite together in 1958 was a well planned cunning move by the metrankakshi to capture the churches and properties of the Syrian Christians. Vazhamuttom Mar Bahanan Syrian Church is one among such churches lost by the bavakakshi in the reunion of churches in 1958.

In 1976, Mar Bahanan Syrian church was renamed as Mar Bahanan Orthodox Church. From 1972 onwards, bavakakshi were left with no place to worship. They conducted prayer meetings in houses of the bavakakshi members. On 20thMay 1976, the foundation stone was laid for a new chapel by Yakob Mar Youlios Metropolioten, then head of the Simhasana Churches in Malankara. The New chappal was built in the name of Mother Mary and was consecrated on 26th September 1976. This was a very small chapel and most of the members were farmers. Later , the church grew and new generation got educated and the chapel became too sma

ll to accommodate the faithful.  Then the Managing committee in 2001 decided to construct a new church. The foundation stone was laid by Late Banyamin Joseph Mar Osthatheos thirumeni.

By the grace of God and the hard work of parish members, a new church was built and was consecrated by H.B Baselious Thomas I Catholicose on Jan 13th 2005.

Today St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church Vazhamuttom is an integral part of the Thumpamon diocese and one of the front runners in the fight to keep the true faith…